Tender Review & Submission

We at SUBASCO take part in major tendering projects from the oil & gas industry. We evaluate the tender documentation very thoroughly and outline our tender with utmost caution & care to ensure we attention to detail on the bidding process. We are proud & believe we’re a very efficient consultant for the oil & gas industry with many decades of hands on experience within the field.

Site Safety Inspection

With a national presence in workplace safety, SUBASCO Consultants provide onsite health and safety support and training for the oil and gas industry to ensure your personnel safety and company performance/profitability.
Whether it be Oil & Gas site safety audits or core compliance training, SUBASCO’s field and training expertise team provide a safety support solution for safety programs, auditing, inspection, compliance, and training. All Oil & Gas projects are overseen and/or executed by SUBASCO.

Toolbox Meeting Assistance

Toolbox talks, safety moments, and pre-start meetings have become a very effective way of maintaining safety awareness and bringing attention to any current or emerging hazards and risks. They are meant to be a brief, interactive discussion about a specific topic but can also touch on a number of issues relevant to the workplace.

Factory Acceptance Tests

SUBASCO provides acceptance testing services to ensure that fiscal or allocation metering systems meet functional design specifications before going into service.
This testing can be done either:

  •  At the manufacturing location (factory acceptance testing), or
  •  When equipment has been commissioned on-site (site acceptance testing)

Acceptance testing makes it possible to identify any discrepancies between the client’s requirements and the metering system itself before it goes into active service.  Identifying any discrepancies at this stage means that they can be corrected at less cost and with less disruption than once the system is up and running.
We can also review existing acceptance testing procedures or develop new project-specific factory and site acceptance testing processes to ensure that any new systems meet required criteria in all respects of their design and functionality.

Instrumentation Calibration

Calibration services are essential to guarantee precision and reliability and reduce costly errors in the oil and gas industry. Utilizing a common oil and gas pipeline or shared infrastructure brings the challenge of maintaining precise volume measurements, as even the smallest inaccuracy can come at a high cost.

Additionally, equipment used by businesses to check their own metering of fluids must be independently calibrated by a reliable and reputable partner.

Our cutting-edge experience in the industry enable us to provide metrology solutions for equipment measuring crude oil, petroleum, refined products, natural gas (including shale gas), chemicals and other liquids and gases.

With us delivering your calibration services, we can assure the precision of your systems, maintain production efficiency and ultimately, add value to your business with our Total Quality Assurance team.

Pressure Testing

Well, testing is commonly the last task to be planned in an exploration project. Often this leads to the design and execution being carried out in a rush by personnel for whom testing is not their focus and awareness of all stakeholder needs may be limited. This can result in objectives not being clearly defined, money not spent wisely, and potential loss of very significant data needed to evaluate development cases.

At SUBASCO well testing we cover all possible well types; horizontal and vertical, oil and gas, HPHT, in both onshore and offshore (shallow and deep-water) locations. We have a significant pool of highly experienced well test engineers and well test supervisors and managers who can be mobilized at short notice to support your business.

Maintenance & Construction Supervision

Whether you are involved in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, industrial plants, wind farms or power facilities, your projects involve the complex coordination of different contractors. Our independent construction supervision can help guide your project to completion on time, on budget and in compliance with the relevant quality standards.

We provide you with professional construction supervision, specifically tailored to safeguard the successful completion of your project. Our highly experienced personnel can effectively control and supervise every aspect of your project


We help firms in commissioning new plants with intensive training to operators & engineers


We provide you with professional construction supervision, specifically tailored to safeguard the successful completion of your project. Our highly experienced personnel can effectively control and supervise every aspect of your construction work.

Project Handover

The oil industry continues to struggle with the management of large capital projects, with a budget and schedule overruns being all too common. The multitude of stakeholders involved in these complex projects makes the handover a very critical process that can be highly stressful for contractors, suppliers, asset owners, and operators. We at SUBASCO help firms ensure that the transfer is smooth and efficient.

Operations & Maintenance Procedure Development

Our services aim to support oil & gas production facilities from wellhead to manifold, encompassing the entire asset lifecycle. We stand out for a full responsibility approach to field activities in terms of oil & gas production, including oil & gas plant operation and maintenance, shutdowns/turnarounds, expansions and facility debottlenecking.
Integrated services define and develop on-site maintenance and project management, resulting in production efficiency and optimized overall project lifecycle costs.
Revamping, improvement, modification, debottlenecking and enhancement projects can be executed smoothly, either on the entire facility or on individual sections or specific equipment, using an EPC approach.


We aim to train our staff members in real-life situations so that it can better help them understand the problems clients face every day and the solutions that can be derived to overcome such situations. In order to ensure the proper functioning of daily activities, we provide on the job training. This helps us present real-life scenarios to our employees and provide them with live training sessions.
We also provide class training to our teams at client premises, helping them to better understand the situations that they would face in the future and develop their skills accordingly. Due to the global pandemic, we provide virtual training programs for our esteem clientele as we hope to resume our on-ground training sessions in the upcoming future.

The company’s aim is to offer an integrated service that, by starting from the analysis phase, develops an on-site maintenance and management design capable to optimize plant production.