Real Estate & Development

Whether you are acquiring a new property or an existing development, conducting financial due diligence or lease abstraction, assessing third party risk or managing real estate cybersecurity, you may be stretching the capabilities of your internal resources. SUBASCO real estate provides a full range of real estate consulting services tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We have worked with construction firms, lenders, property owners, management companies and other investors in real estate, assessing their needs in detail and providing proven solutions throughout the transaction life cycle. We are currently conducting all our operations with a focus on the Bahraini Market and a vision to expand to KSA, UAE and Kuwait.

Development Opportunities

Our clients have personal access to our team of market and industry experts. We also connect clients to opportunities for new business. We seek to continually innovate and improve our practices to make our clients’ lives easier. We focus exclusively on housing and strive to have the most current data at our fingertips. We are diligent, regularly out in the field, and tapped into industry leaders—all of which results in great research and advice.


At SUBASCO, we assist clients with financing or execution of large infrastructure projects. The term “project finance & execution ” refers to the financing & execution of projects that are dependent on project cash flows for repayment, as defined by the contractual relationships within each project. By their very nature, these types of projects rely on a large number of integrated contractual arrangements for successful completion and operation. Appropriate project finance candidates include greenfield projects and significant facility or production expansions majorly large infrastructure facilities. SUBASCO’s major projects are government-owned international or local ventures like metros, airports, hospitals & bridges. These projects do not rely on the typical export finance security package, which provides lenders recourse to a foreign government, financial institution, or an established corporation.

At SUBASCO we have several financing options that can be utilized to develop an appropriate financing & execution plan.

Yielding Opportunity

Unlike any other real estate firm, SUBASCO ensures you a yield return of a minimum of 8% which could substantially grow up to 10% with the guidance of our market experts. This turns to be a pure return on investment module for all individuals & entities seeking for an investment opportunity in the long run.